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Practice areas:   Services
   civil law

   business law

   medical law

   labour law

   family law

   succession law

   consumer law

I provide for my clients a comprehensive legal advice both on legal provisions and a proper form of running a business.

I represent clients at every stage of the proceedings before common courts
and state authorities

I specialize in the following areas:

civil law - including preparation and revision of contracts; compensation; debt collection; draft court letters.

Labour Law - resolution of disputes between employer and employee, compensation, reinstatement, redundancies, restructuring of employment, mobbing, sexual harrasment.

Business Law - establishment and support in the conduct of business, companies, entities involved in healing, foundations and associations, reorganization and restructuring.

Medical law - violation of patient rights, compensation for medical negligence, the defense of the rights of physicians and entities involved in healing, reviewing contracts to conduct clinical trials.

Family law - inheritance, property division, divorce, change of the amount of alimony.

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